3D Printed War-Ganizer 2.0 *Preorder*

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This is a *Preorder* for a 3D printed War-Ganizer 2.0 carrier. The war-ganizer 2.0 brings together the desirable aspects of both the 1.0 and the 1.5. Fully enclosed and the stylish customizable features. Use this carrier as your daily carrier or for your big events. It shines at carrying all your gear for that game day. Easily swap out trays and hit the road. The War-Ganizer 2.0 also features feet and recesses to allow for stacking of the carriers if you have multiple carriers. Making it great for organization and storage when not in use.  

You can select your desired main body color and your handle and Mesh side panel colors. You can also select a starter tray set to go with your carrier. As well as magnetic trays as an add on. The trays and front panel logo will be printed in matching colors as the 2 selected for your carrier. 

Each Starter set includes 4 trays for the specific game of your choice, or select multiple starter sets. You can also order tray packs separately as new tray options become available on the store. So check back frequently for new products for your war-ganizer. Please note that the Warcry set is still in development but will be ready before the end of this preorder. It will include a token and dice tray, cards tray, and a mini slide tray much like the Kill team set. 

In the photos there are example pics of the tray packs. They are as follows:

Bolt Action (Green)

Kill Team (Grey)

Marvel Crisis Protocol (Blue)

Star Wars Legion (Red)

More Tray packs will come available in the near future following this pre-order making it easy and convenient to add to your gaming collection transport and storage needs.

All 3D printed items are printed on Prusa MK3S printers at a .2mm layer height. They are printed in PLA material.

Please note that PLA is not weather resistant and should not be stored in temperatures above 32 degrees Celsius as warping may occur. (Eg. Hot car) 

All Carriers are Shipped unassembled and will require assembly. Assembly is easy and doesn't require tools. They slide together using dovetail grooves and slots. They can be disassembled easily and even connected in pairs for double the storage capacity with the Back 2 Back upgrade. The back 2 back upgrade will release shortly after this pre-order.