Bot Scavenger x2 - Star Wars Legion - Galactic - Sci-fi

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Desert Bot Scavenger Miniature - Perfect for Star Wars Legion!

Bring a touch of the Outer Rim to your Star Wars Legion games with this fantastic Desert Bot Scavenger miniature! This meticulously detailed model captures the essence of a resourceful scavenger, caught mid-explanation to the Imperial authorities about the origin of their salvaged droid parts.

Here's what makes this Desert Bot-Scavenger a great addition to your collection:

  • Perfectly scaled for Star Wars Legion gameplay.
  • Printed in high-quality grey resin for maximum customization. (Unpainted)
  • Supports removed for most parts, ensuring a smooth painting experience. (Delicate parts may have supports for safe shipping, easily removed with side cutters.)
  • Multi-part models are sent unassembled to prevent breakage during shipping.

2x Miniatures Included

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