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Desert Scrapper Miniature - Perfect for Star Wars Legion! 

Add a touch of character to your Star Wars Legion games with this fantastic Desert Scrapper miniature! This detailed figure captures the essence of a resourceful scavenger, perfect for fleshing out your tabletop Star Wars adventures.

Here's what makes the Desert Scrapper a great addition to your collection:

  • Star Wars Legion Compatible: Sized perfectly for seamless integration into your Star Wars Legion battles.
  • Two Version Options: Choose between a standard robe or a slightly longer version for easier basing and customization.
  • Unpainted Grey Resin: Ready for you to personalize with your ideal paint scheme.
  • Pre-Supported for Easy Painting: Supports are already removed for most parts, ensuring a smooth painting experience. Delicate parts may have temporary supports for safe shipping, easily removed with side cutters.
  • Multi-Part Model: Sent unassembled to prevent breakage during shipping.

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