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The New Vegas Sidearm: Classic Revolver Replica

Welcome Wasteland Wanderer!

The classic revolver, inspired by the iconic cover art of Fallout: New Vegas!

A faithful recreation:

This replica revolver is modelled after the real-world firearm it depicts, capturing the essence of the New Vegas aesthetic. While it doesn't pack any wasteland punch (safety first!), it's a fantastic display piece for Fallout fans and cosplayers alike.


  • Highly detailed design for a weathered wasteland look
  • Two grip texture options: clean or wood
  • Multipart print allows easy paint and assemble
  • Multiple options for Printing Material and Finish in drop down menu

Take your Fallout cosplay to the next level!

This is a replica firearm and is not intended for functional use. 

Explore the Wasteland with Us!

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Due to this being a 3d printed item, there may be small imperfections. 

Design by Yosh Studios 

We are in no way associated with Bethesda, Amazon, Fallout franchise or any other trademark or rights holder. These items are purely cosplay and regarded as fan art