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Wasteland Dominator: Raider Gas Mask

Strike fear into the hearts of the Wasteland with the Raider Gas Mask!

Straight from the Ashes:

This iconic Raider Gas Mask is a must-have for any Fallout cosplayer or Wasteland wanderer. Crafted with the look of a battle-hardened scavenger, this mask will make you the envy of any Nuka-Cola raider gang.

More than Scrap Metal:

This mask isn't just for show. The intimidating design is perfect for hiding your identity and striking fear into the hearts of your enemies. Whether you're patrolling the ruins or facing off against a Deathclaw, this mask will make sure you look the part.

Built to Last the Apocalypse:

This Raider Gas Mask is 3D printed for a sturdy and weathered look. It comes in multiple parts for easy assembly and customization (paint job not included, so you can make it your own!).

Fits for Any Raider:

This mask is designed for maximum comfort, with a fit for heads up to 24 inches in circumference.

Wastelanders and Vault Dwellers Beware:

This Raider Gas Mask is the perfect addition to any Fallout cosplay or collection. Wasteland warriors and Vault dwellers alike will love the weathered authenticity.

Don't be a Scrub:

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Fallout Raider mask  by Laci_Legath on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4866131 and is licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution

Please Note:

  • This mask is not for actual protection.
  • This item is is available painted and unpainted
  • 3D printed items may have minor imperfections, adding to the Wasteland charm!
  • We are not affiliated with Bethesda, Amazon, Fallout, or any other rights holders. This is fan art for cosplay purposes only.