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This is an All-in-One Star Wars Legion Transport Container. Carry almost everything you need when going out to play Legion. It holds your tokens, movement tools, upgrade cards, unit cards, range finder, activation tokens, silhouette, your dice and even has a place to roll your dice in the dice tray. There is extra space to throw in some other items as you choose. There were requests to be able to hold 12 dice of each type and 8 range sticks as well as both card types. This container answers those requests!

"It's a great way to keep your stuff organized. I designed this container because I got tired of trying to reorganize my cards in a binder every time a new expansion is released. Which is often. This allows me to add my upgrade cards and unit cards to an organizer quick and easy. It will hold sleeved cards as well. The Token tray has 2 versions. The standard version or the basket style. For the players that need the option for custom tokens and versatility. The tools tray will hold 18 poker chip style command tokens under 40mm in diameter. Hope You Like It!!"

The container is designed to use 5x3 N52 rare earth magnets. The holes in each section hold 2 magnets so you can double up on holding power. So in total, you’ll need 176 magnets. I used cheap N52 magnets from amazon.

Magnets are not included, you will need to purchase these yourself.

May the force be with you!

The crate dimensions when assembled are 175mm x175mm x175mm.

Included Models
- Lid
-Token Tray
-Dice Tray
-Token Basket Tray
-Token Basket
-Dice Basket
-Card Storage Lid
-Card Storage Tray
-Card Storage Dividers
-Tools Tray

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