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This is an All-in-One Star Wars Legion Transport Container. Carry almost everything you need when going out to play Legion. It holds your tokens, movement tools, range rulers, activation tokens, silhouette, and your dice and even has a place to roll your dice in the dice tray. There is extra space to throw in some other items as you choose in the command token tray. This dice tray holds 9 of each dice type, but the additional part is that it doubles as a dashboard. 

The container is designed to use 5x3 N52 magnets.

May the force be with you!

The crate dimensions when assembled are 175mm x175mm x175mm.

Included Pieces
- Plain Lid
-Dashboard Lid
-Tools Tray
-Dice Tray
-Token Tray
-Token Basket Tray
-Token Basket x2
-Dice Basket
-Command Token Tray
-Command Token Tray for Fifth Trooper Tokens
-Command Token Tray for coin caps
-Blue End
-Red End

Magnets are not included, you will need to purchase these yourself

STLs can be purchased directly from https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/3fiveDesign3D