Unicycle Bots Assassins - Star Wars Legion - Galactic - Sci-fi

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Unicycle Bots are great general-purpose labourers that can be programmed for a variety of tasks. These particular bots have had their ethical routines sliced and diced to use lethal force!

This kit contains all the parts to produce the six poses shown as well as to create new poses by swapping the heads, necks, and torsos! Heads, necks, and torsos have been carefully fitted with pegs and holes to allow for quick and easy assembly with minimal cleanup.

These models are default scaled to be approximately 30mm tall when assembled, or about shoulder height when placed next to a 38mm figure.


Perfect scale for Star Wars Legion gameplay,

All miniatures printed in Grey resin unless specified, the model is unpainted!

Supports will be removed unless the miniature has some very delicate parts. In this case, supports will be left on for shipping but can easily be removed using some side cutters.

Models with multiple pieces will be sent unassembled so they do not break during shipping

If you wish to purchase the STL file you can do so direct from The Ataraxy Emporium