Urban Mystical House - 28mm scale - 40mm scale - Fallout - Last Days - The Walking Dead - Marvel Crisis Protocol

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In the middle of an ordinary city, street sits an extraordinary house. Hiding in plain sight is the mystical home of a powerful magic-user. This arcane sanctum is warded by an esoteric rooftop sigil, and along with the ancient magical seal set into an ornate window, keeps the world below protected from darkness.

A 3D printed Mystical House to add thematic interest to your urban gaming table. Ideal as a setting for massive superhero brawls and inter-dimensional skirmishes.

Printed as 4 main parts, with a separate thematic inset window. 
A perfect companion to the Bleeker Street Bundle

Assembled size at 28mm scale: 166mm x 137mm x 207mm

2nd option for 40mm MCP Scale @ 125%