Urban Scatter Bundle 1 - 28mm scale - 40mm scale - Marvel Crisis Protocol

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Add some thematic interest to your urban gaming table with the set of 3D printable scatter pieces.

Included are 4 street lights, 3 Alaska/Jersey barriers, a concrete barrier, a shipping container, a phone booth, a mailbox, 2 dumpsters, 3 vending machines, 2 street planters, 1 tree. Compatible with The Walking Dead, This Is Not A Test, Wasteman, Last Days.

Dimensions for 28mm Scale:

Alaska Barrier A - 80mm x 20mm x 52mm
Alaska Barrier B - 100mm x 20mm x 52mm
Alaska Barrier C - 60mm x 20mm x 52mm
Street Light A - 22mm x 22mm x 103mm
Street Light B - 22mm x 22mm x 108mm
Street Light C - 38mm x 22mm x 102mm
Street Light D - 80mm x 37mm x 149mm
Shipping Container - 108mm x 58mm x 51mm
Concrete Barrier - 40mm x 15mm x 24mm
Dumpster - 52mm x 27mm x 30mm
Mailbox - 12mm x 12mm x 18mm
Phone Booth - 26mm x 30mm x 48mm
Street Planter - 20mm x 20mm x 25mm
Trash Can A - 14mm x 14mm x 23mm
Trash Can B - 16mm x 16mm x 21mm
Tree - 57mm x 57mm x 101mm
Vending Machine - 25mm x 21mm x 46mm

2nd option for 40mm MCP Scale @ 125%

Models will be printed in resin ready for painting