Urban School Stewart Academy - 28mm scale - 40mm scale - Marvel Crisis Protocol

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Stewart Academy is a little-known private school tucked away in the rolling countryside away from prying eyes. This mansion building was once the estate of the Stewart family but now serves as a base of operations for a team of gifted heroes.

This 3D printed mansion building is split into nine main parts for easier printing, featuring removable upper floors and roofs. Scaled for 28mm or 40mm but will work even without scaling to be compatible with the larger scale of Marvel Crisis Protocol. The size of the mansion gives great line-of-sight blocking and cover options for urban-based games.

The building is split into three components which each feature a lower, upper and roof section. The roof sections feature flat walkway areas on top for placing miniatures.

A great companion piece to both the Urban Park and the Urban Trees sets contain elements, such as trees, walls, and fountains, which would work really well with the mansion building.

Printed in random colour PLA Filament unless specified when ordering


Center Section Lower - 140mm x 138mm x 83mm
Center Section Upper - 140mm x 137mm x 58mm
Center Section Roof - 140mm x 139mm x 67mm

Left/Right Section Lower - 153mm x 153mm x 83mm
Left/Right Section Upper - 153mm x 153mm x 58mm
Left/Right Section Roof - 156mm x 153mm x 50mm

Assembled size at 100%: 450mm x 150mm x 200mm (17.5" x 5.9" x 7.8")
Approximate assembled size at 125%: 565mm x 189mm x 250mm (22.5" x 7.5" x 10")

2nd option for 40mm MCP Scale @ 125%