Urban Small Park - MCP- Marvel Crisis Protocol - Superhero

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A thematic bundle of 28mm scale urban pieces perfect for recreating a public small town or city park.

Ideal for urban-based games like Fallout, The Walking Dead, Last Days: Zombie Apocalypse and This Is Not A Test.

Compatible with Marvel Crisis Protocol, just select 40mm scale.

Features a bandstand pavilion, small coffee kiosk, fountain, benches, planters, walls and trees.  

Rendered miniature model shown for scale is 28mm to the eyes.

Dimensions for 28mm Scale:

Tree A - 95mm x 86mm x 124mm
Tree B - 98mm x 102mm x 132mm
Tree C - 109mm x 107mm x 132mm
Pavilion Lower - 145mm x 145mm x 84mm
Pavilion Upper - 153mm x 153mm x 43mm
Bench A - 40mm x 14mm x 23mm
Bench B - 65mm x 16mm x 11mm
Fountain Base - 68mm x 68mm x 15mm
Fountain Support - 22mm x 22mm x 47mm
Fountain Top - 50mm x 50mm x 14mm
Lamp Post - 16mm x 16mm x 90mm
Planter A - 14mm x 13mm x 18mm
Planter B - 30mm x 10mm x 14mm
Planter C - 35mm x 65mm x 23mm

2nd option for 40mm MCP Scale @ 125%

Printed in a mixture of black pla for the larger pieces and resin for the smaller pieces.